2023 Superior sweepstakes

October 7th for catalog inclusion
November 11th for Sweepstakes Service Auction inclusion

Take part in making Morgan history.

The 2023 Superior Morgan Sweepstakes Event will be held on
Tuesday & Wednesday evenings, November 14-15 at 6PM EST


We are thrilled to bring you one of the largest and most exciting programs in the history of the Morgan breed. The first ever Superior Morgan Sweepstakes, presented by C. Jarvis Insurance Company and the Equine Veterinary Hospital of Northern Indiana, was a smashing success in 2022 with over 50 outstanding weanlings competing and the winner accepted a check for over $60,000. In 2023, our event will be held Tuesday, November 14, 2023 and Wednesday, November 15, 2023 at the Michiana Event Center in Shipshewana, Indiana and will be offering a total jackpot of over $275,000!

The first night of competition will feature all eligible, entered weanlings showing individually. The five judge panel will select a group of approximately 25 weanlings to return on Wednesday evening for the final evaluation.

The second night of competition will bring the final 25 weanlings back individually, before returning as a full group for a final lineup and evaluation. Once the judges have marked their cards from 1-25, the results will be tabulated and announced, beginning with honorable mention, then the long march from 20th to 1st place and the distribution of the largest purse in the history of the breed.

Only two foals per stallion will be eligible to show in this event—one will be bred by the winning bidder from the stallion service auction, the stallion owner donating the service earned the right to nominate a weanling, so this is a very exclusive group! If you have sold or transferred your sweepstakes nomination, please contact secretary Julie Christopher immediately at 248-921-3316 or email her at fairwindmorgans@gmail.com.

Only the mares owned or leased by the winning bidder from the stallion service auction or the stallion service donor are eligible to produce Sweepstakes foals. All entries will be checked against the American Morgan Horse Association’s records to confirm eligibility to compete in the Sweepstakes event.

Below are the awards that our 2023 event will distribute, based on a jackpot of over $275,000:

3rd – $40,3684th – $30,726
5th – $16,8206th – $11,774
7th – $10,0928th – $8,410
9th – $7,40010th – $6,728
11th – $6,39112th – $6,055
13th – $5,71814th – $5,382
15th – $5,04616th – $4,709
17th – $4,20518th – $3,868
19th – $3,36420th – $3,364


Entries for the 2023 Superior Morgan Sweepstakes Event will close on November 1, 2023, allowing as much time as possible to choose which of your weanlings will be the most fit to compete. Entries MUST BE RECEIVED by November 1st. Emailed entries will be accepted. The entry fee for the event will be $250, which includes one stall. Additional tack stalls may be purchased for $65.

Upon completion of the event on Wednesday evening, weanlings that are not consigned to the Superior Morgan Horse Sale will be required to leave the grounds by 8AM on Thursday morning, as those stalls will be needed for the sale horses and stallions moving in on Thursday. Local trainers and stables have volunteered their facilities as layover locations for any weanlings that cannot be shipped home until after the completion of the Superior Morgan Horse Sale. Contact the sale if you require names of participating stables.

2021 Sweepstakes Sires

If you bred a mare in 2022 that is sired by one of these stallions, and the service that you’re using was purchased through our 2021 Superior Morgan Sweepstakes Sire Auction, your 2023 foal will be eligible to compete in our 2023 event provided you have submitted the Mare Declaration Form by December 31, 2022. To download a form, go to our Sweepstakes Rules page, or call Julie Christopher at 248-921-3316 or drop her an email at fairwindmorgans@gmail.com.

  • Akira Derringer GCH
  • Arboria Noble Masterpiece
  • Armada Ricochet
  • Astronomicallee
  • Balenciaga
  • Beauty's Black Smoke
  • BGMF Kentucky Gentleman
  • BGMF Rackateer
  • BKC Valiant Star
  • Bluesman
  • Booyah's Cappucino Latte
  • Burkland High Octane
  • Caffeinated
  • CBMF Crown Prince
  • CBMF Over The Moon
  • Cool Whip
  • CYS First Command
  • DDF Raptor
  • Demander's Handsome Dude
  • Derawnda Canfield
  • DMB Gunpowder
  • DMB Sparkling Ice
  • Dragonsmeade Axios
  • Dragonsmeade Eltanin
  • Dragonsmeade Sea Dragon CH
  • Dragonsmeade Spectre
  • Dressed Up GCH
  • DRHF Happy Hour
  • Ebony Dale
  • ECS Made You Tense
  • EKL Shakedown
  • Elm Ranch Koda
  • FAMS Sergeant In Command
  • FCM The Professional
  • FieldcrestCaptainEclectic
  • Fully Charged
  • Get Busy
  • Get Your Groove On
  • Graycliff Tony GCH
  • HK Dickie Deville
  • HPW Starstruck
  • HRL Super Star Captivator
  • ICF Reasonably Certain
  • Indian Creek Icebreaker
  • InGate's Eye Of The Tiger
  • JDS Spectacular Flaire
  • JFE Just George
  • JMF Ice And Irish
  • Jus' Sayin'
  • JW Standing Tall
  • Kanagy Acres Beautyspride
  • KE's Power Boy
  • King Of The Wind
  • King-E Otto B
  • KSS Powder Keg
  • Latours Revenant
  • LCK Luke Skywalker
  • Ledgefield's Jagged Edge
  • Liquid Assets
  • LPS Fire Power
  • LPS Piece Of The Action
  • LPS True Believer
  • Lucky Four Foot Trophy
  • LVM Riptide
  • LVM The Black Ace
  • Man In Black GCH
  • Marissa's Star
  • Masked Earl
  • Masque N Black
  • MEM Hollywood Bouledare
  • MEM Intoxicated
  • Merriehill After Hours GCH
  • Minion Millennium
  • Mizrahi
  • MKB Hopetown Cooper
  • MLF Dynamic CH
  • MVMR Black Diamond
  • Newmont's Get Real
  • Newmont's Legend
  • Newmont's Roosevelt
  • No Contest GCH
  • NS After Six
  • NS Fame & Fortune
  • Osage Masked Motorist
  • Queen's Sebastian
  • Queen's Smart Money
  • Regal Masterpiece
  • RL Jackpot
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • Rowenda Boogie On Down
  • RPS Captivater
  • RRG Mesmerize
  • RWF Dralion
  • Sand Ridge Pazazz
  • Saralin Seabourn
  • SDMF American Icon
  • Sensationalist
  • SLB Da Vinci
  • Sonofahotsummernite
  • Standing Alone
  • Stonecroft Sudden Impact
  • Superman
  • SYP High Definition GCH
  • The Optimist
  • Timeless Delight
  • Titanium
  • TMMS Prince Alex
  • Town Assets
  • Trickle Creek Max
  • TSL Starcraft
  • Ultras Talent Agent
  • Valley Acres Just N Time
  • White Splash
  • WNDC Man Of Steel
  • WRR Astro Boy
  • WVS Extreme Demander
  • WVS Free Roamer
  • WVS Full Throttle
  • WVS Ladys On Star
  • Zook's Prince