superior performance incentive

An exciting new program in partnership with the World Morgan Futurity.

Our committee is pleased to announce a new program within the Superior Morgan Sweepstakes. Beginning with our stallion service presentation on November 18, 2022, a portion of the proceeds from the service auction will be set aside for the SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE INCENTIVE.

The amount in the incentive purse will be the lesser of these two amounts—

  • 20% of the overall stallion auction proceeds, OR
  • the total amount of stallion auction proceeds MINUS $150,000.

Our goal with this formula is never to let the Superior Morgan Sweepstakes weanling event fall below the $150,000 level, while still providing a second, huge jackpot for the foals that will shine in the performance ring rather than the weanling event.

As an example, using this formula, the 2020 auction would have set aside $44,000 for the Performance Incentive, while the 2021 auction would have set aside $66,000.

Progressive ideas for a progressive breed.

“The most successful sweepstakes style programs that we have seen in the Morgan and other show horse industries have always been the ones that are willing to listen, change and adapt in the best interest of the breed and the breeders,” said Sweepstakes Co-Director David “Tuffy” Owens. “From day one, Glenn T and I have focused on Jim Aikman and his All American Cup program as our gold standard.”

 How do you participate?

  • Donate a stallion service or buy a stallion service in the Superior Sweepstakes Stallion Presentation in 2022.
  • In 2023, breed up to five mares that you either own or lease to that stallion.
  • Declare your mares by completing and submitting a Declaration Form by December 31, 2023.
  • Once the foals arrive, you’ll have until December 31, 2025 to choose ONE yearling to nominate for the Superior Performance Incentive Jackpot.
  • Those nominated weanlings shown in the Superior Sweepstakes Event are automatically nominated to the Performance Incentive.
  • If you choose to replace that foal with a different eligible yearling for the Performance Incentive, the same December 31, 2025 deadline applies.

Develop those yearlings into show horses, eligible to show and win a huge amount of extra prize money. Sell the prospects for a premium, or develop them and show for the money yourself!


How do you win the Jackpot?

The Superior Sweepstakes is working in partnership with the World Morgan Futurity to determine the Performance Incentive winners. Any Sweepstakes Performance Incentive nominated horse that wins a World Morgan Futurity performance class at the Morgan Grand National as a three-year-old will earn a share of the jackpot. Eligible classes include—

  • Three-Year-Old Futurity Pleasure Driving
  • Three-Year-Old Futurity English Pleasure
  • Three-Year-Old Futurity Park Harness
  • Three-Year-Old Futurity Park Saddle
  • Three-Year-Old Futurity Hunter Pleasure
  • Three-Year-Old Futurity Western Pleasure

From prospect to performance.

“We have to push the ball forward for the Morgan breed,” said Co-Director Glenn T. Werry. “This has to be more than just a program for weanlings. These animals need to be developed into high quality show prospects, giving breeders an added incentive to put their horses in training and get them started the right way.”

The Jackpot will be paid out at the conclusion of the 2027 Morgan Grand National & World Championship Horse Show. If only one horse wins one of the above classes, that horse will earn the entire purse. If six different horses win, it will be split six ways. Only one share can be won per horse.

Multiple wins by the same horse only count for one share of the Jackpot. For example, if three year old English pleasure AND three year old pleasure driving are won by the same horse, they receive one share of the purse.

If there is no Futurity winner in 2027 from the list of nominated Performance Incentive horses, all Reserve World Champions from the above classes will then be eligible. If there is no winner from that group, third place winners will be eligible, etc. until a winner or winners are found. There will be a winner no matter what!

To add benefit to the original breeders of these future World Champions, the Jackpot payout will be split 75% to the current owner of the horse at the time of their Futurity World Championship, and 25% to the original nominator (the person who files the Performance Incentive nomination paperwork). This includes the free nominations that come with a Superior Weanling Sweepstakes entry.

If you have questions about the Performance Incentive Program, please send us a message below or call Tuffy Owens at 602-579-3738.

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