2023 Sweeps Prelim

Tuesday evening, November 14th saw 61 weanlings enter the ring to be judged by our panel of five—Melissa Moore, Richard Boulé, Richard Wright, Nelson Green and Keith Friday. A total of 20 nice entries received a call back for tonight’s final evaluations and placing. The top weanling tonight will be taking home a check for over $92,000 out of a total jackpot of $336,400, which will be distributed to all the finalists.

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Horses in BOLD type are coming back tonight for the final event.

Entry NumberHorseHandler
47Ultra’s DeJa Vu (Ultras Talent Agent x Ultra’s Echo)Drake Symbolik
72LSB Just Max (JFE Just George x LSB April Fire)Lavern Bontrager
32JWB Ramblin’ Man (Timeless Delight x A Star Someday)John Hufferd
34Annie’s Girl (ICF Reasonably Certain x Swanbrook Pistol Annie)Luke Fry
53HPW Blue Kentucky Girl (SonOfAHotSummerNite x DYS Up Down)Lynn Peeples
33Vionnet (No Contest GCH x Designing Woman)Tim Roesink
23ConcreteAcresExoticImpact (Stonecroft Sudden Impact x Concrete Acres Plum Cute)Dennis Schlabach
50EAH Dancing For Dollars (Queen’s Smart Money x EAH Oh Mi Starrs)Dwayne Yoder
45PCS Persian Queen (Sand Ridge Pazazz x SDMF Grand Legacy)Firman Raber
29CHE’Jus’One In Million’ (Jus’ Sayin’ x SWS It’s All About Me)Marvin Troyer
51JE Miss Bellaria (MEM Hollywood Bouledare x Highover Bellaria)Matt Miller
64DJS American Dream (Burkland High Octane x WVS American Queen)Joe Zehr
36ANK Framed In Millennium (Minion Millennium x Framed In Radiance)Abe King
71Definitely Defined (SYP High Definition GCH x Newmont’s Miss Antoinette)Bert Earehart
28SSDF Skye Zone (DDF Raptor x Cabot Cloud Nine)Dennis Fry
11LXC Vivacious Assets (Liquid Assets x JDS Viviano’)Mike Wahl
24Spiced Bourbon DRMF (Arboria Noble Masterpiece x Miss Prohibition DRMF)John Hufferd
44HPW Flatliner (SonOfAHotSummerNite x CRMS Suite Ferrari)Lynn Peeples
58RPS Mr. Anatomy (Roberto Cavalli x I Beg To Differ)Matt Schlabach
66CRMS First Lieutenant (FAMS Seargent In Command x CRMS Whispering Queen)Dwayne Yoder
30LKKB Bryce (Dressed Up GCH x DMS Hypnotize)Kenlin Bontrager
41Shake N Bake (Man In Black GCH x TRSW April May)Lynn Peeples
55PAMF Pretty Angel (Indian Creek Icebreaker x Indian Creek Maggie T)John Hufferd
22RPS Coppertop (Titanium x Andillusion)Dennis Schlabach
61SDMF Get Noticed (Newmont’s Get Real x Dragonsmeade Take Note)Joe Zehr
37VVE Crimsom King (Akira Derringer GCH x VVS Glamour Girl)Whitney Bodnar
14TEC Midnight Dream (RL Jackpot x C Top Acres Fancy Anna)Darrin Yoder
57PAMF Finalist (InGate’s Eye Of The Tiger x Queen’s Genevive)Dennis Fry
16HSMF American Kid (CYS First Command x Divine Miss M)Adam Schlabach
18LRA Like A Rock (EKL Shakedown CH x Girl Gone Wild)John Hufferd
59All For Liberty (Balenciaga x UVM Liberty For All)Matt Schlabach
39Sand Ridge Exquisite (Dragonsmeade Sea Dragon CH x Whitmorr American Beauty)Elijah Leaman
20JAH Smart Moves (Queen’s Smart Money x Judgemental)Dwayne Yoder
26Kauffman’s Queen Stella (Queen’s Sebastian x TRE I Wonder)David Rand
76Sangre Berry Blast (RWF Dralion x Sangre Cool Girl)Steven Yoder
10Shamokin Mtn Maxs Triumph (Trickle Creek Max x Tiny Acres Tootsie)Omar Fisher
68Dragonsmeade Cherry Bomb (Dragonsmeade Spectre x Dragonsmeade Wisteria)Tim Roesink
25SFS Starina (EKL Shakedown CH x Ultra’s Special Intention)Lynn Peeples
63SDMF Flaired Up (JDS Spectacular Flaire x SDMF DejaVu Spice)Joe Zehr
35ECS Spicey Queen (ECS Made You Tense x Queen’s Alexandra)Jacob King
17Marshall I’m Fired Up (Dragonsmeade Sea Dragon CH x Stonecroft Trivia)John Hufferd
42LPS Homecoming Queen (WVS Extreme Demander x Miss All American)Lynn Peeples
49Salem Shabby Chic (Jus’ Sayin’ x Not Too Shabby)Peggy Alderman
21RPS Afterglow (Caffeinated x Andillusion)Dennis Schlabach
48Ultras Rumor Has It (Ultras Talent Agent x Chit Chat)Drake Symbolik
27SSDF Audacity (Graycliff Tony GCH x MJY’s Sequence)Dennis Fry
15GSK Main Event (Regal Masterpiece x Arcola’s True Love)Levi Martin
69NRMF Bella’s Michelle (RRG Mesmerize x CBMF Lady Antebellum)Joe Zehr
31KMP Watermelon Crawl (Graycliff Tony GCH x GLB Pretty Woman)Whitney Bodnar
40Otto B Embraced (King-E Otto B x Embrace The Fire)Andrew Beiler
70Grand Ridge Just N Icon (Valley Acres Just N Time x CBMF So Iconic)Bert Earehart
75Before Sunrise (Merriehill After Hours GCH x Wicked Busy)TBD
54HPW Amazing Grace (CBMF Over The Moon x Patchwork Ginger Spice)Lynn Peeples
77Exceed’s Secret Code (Ledgefields Jagged Edge x GLB Grand And Glorious)Allen Yoder
12CJY Flying High (LPS Fire Power x CJY Master’s Angel)John Yoder
74Valley Acres Mar-A-Lago (King-E Otto B x JW FashionPlate)Mike Wahl
19TLP Disorderly Conduct (CBMF Over The Moon x Anthuriumn)Dwayne Yoder
38Dewacres Touch Of Pazzaz (Sand Ridge Pazazz x MJH Miss Firepiece)Elijah Lehman
56DDF Janet (BKC Valiant Star x DDF Janie)John Hufferd
65WNR Newmont’s Blaze (Newmont’s Roosevelt x RJMF Blueberry Kisses)Joe Zehr
43HPW Scandalous Love (Sensationalist GCH x Alphastar Exotic Assets)Lynn Peeples