2022 Superior Sweepstakes Full Results

Champion - SSDF Rhythm And Blues

CHAMPION: SSDF RHYTHM AND BLUES (Graycliff Tony GCH x DDF Jazz, by Centerpiece) Bred, owned & shown by Dennis Fry

1st – $60,500 – SSDF Rhythm N Blues (Graycliff Tony GCH x DDF Jazz), owned & presented by Dennis Fry
2nd – $41,800 – CLS Esquire Axios (Dragonsmeade Axios x FRVA Princess PrettyGirl), owned by Ervin Bontrager, presented by Elijah Lehman
3rd – $26,400 – Saralin Blaze Of Glory (Saralin Seabourn x Afterburner), owned by Saralin Farm, presented by Tim Roesink
4th – $19,800 – SDMF American Deal (SDMF American Icon x JW First Dance), owned by Joe Zehr, presented by John Hufferd
5th – $11,000 – PAMF Admirable (DDF Raptor x SPR April’s Folly), owned by Dennis Bontrager, presented by Elijah Lehman
6th – $7,700 – Azoulay (No Contest GCH x Treble’s She’s Mizbehavin), owned by Mountain Hawk Farm Ltd, presented by Tim Roesink
7th – $6,600 – PAMF Miss Indiana (Dressed Up GCH x Treble’s Designer Jeans), owned by Dennis Bontrager, presented by Ryne Swope
8th – $5,500 – Succession (The Optimist GCH x Ledgefield La Mia Stella GCH), owned by Lacey Wright, presented by John Hufferd
9th – $4,840 – MSV Dolce Vita (Regal Masterpiece x RWJ Dolce), owned by John & Belle Hufferd, presented by John Hufferd
10th – $4,400 – Dragonsmeade Vesper (Dragonsmeade Axios x Uptown Assets), owned by Dragonsmeade, presented by Tim Roesink

CLS Esquire Axios - Reserve Champion

RES CHAMPION: CLS ESQUIRE AXIOS (Dragonsmeade Axios x FRVA Princess PrettyGirl, by CBMF Over The Moon) Bred & owned by Ervin Bontrager, shown by Elijah Lehman

11th – $4,180 – HPW Afterglow (Sonofahotsummernite x HPW Shine Bright), owned by Harry Weaver, presented by Lynn Peeples
12th – $3,960 – LSE Black Onyx (The Optimist GCH x E.K.’s Princess), owned by Henry Stoltzfus, presented by Joe Zehr
13th – $3,740 – Kobylar Cody No Love (No Contest GCH x MJS Noble Charm), owned by Kobylar Morgans, presented by Scott Neidlinger
14th – $3,520 – Wicked After Hours (Merriehill After Hours GCH x Wicked Busy), owned by After Hours II LLC, presented by Whitney Bodnar
15th – $3,300 – Little Miss Crazy Hot (Dragonsmeade Sea Dragon x Kings Beauty), owned by Lloyd Lapp, presented by Lynn Peeples
16th – $3,080 – Run It Back (Sonofahotsummernite x Upon Further Review), owned by Daniel Fisher, presented by Grant Slomkowski
17th – $2,750 – Valley Acres Mariah (King-E Otto B x Chit Chat), owned by Daniel Schrock, Valley Acres Morgans, presented by Andrew Beiler
18th – $2,530 – Orange Is The New Black (Akira Derringer GCH x Iggy Azalea), owned by Joseph Graber, presented by Whitney Bodnar
19th – $2,200 – Bourbon On Ice (Regal Charade x WWW Inspiration), owned by Kimberly Swartz, presented by Andrew Beiler
20th – $2,200 – HPW Memphis Queen (HPW Starstruck x Patchwork Ginger Spice), owned by Harry Weaver, presented by Lynn Peeples

Honorable Mention (made final cut, alphabetical)

  • Chinese Circus (RWF Dralion x VL Mandalay), owned by Jonathan Fisher, presented by Tim Roesink
  • DDF My Way (DDF Raptor x DDF Janie), owned by Danny Fry, presented by Dennis Fry
  • JDB A Time To Gamble (Timeless Delight x JWB The Majic Touch), owned & presented by James Borkholder
  • Marshmallow Joan (Standing Alone x DDF Just Awesome), owned by Myron Lehman, presented by Joe Zehr
  • MVE Saffire (Cy’s First Command x Newmont’s Buzy Sister), owned by Mark Allen Miller, presented by Mike Wahl
  • PAMF Mercedes (InGate’s Eye Of The Tiger x Uninhibited), owned by Dennis Bontrager, presented by Elijah Lehman
  • RPS Mr Bean (Caffeinated x BRMF Victorious), owned by Romp-N-Play Stables, presented by Josh Noble

To see photos and learn more about this year’s Superior Sweepstakes stallions, visit our Stallions page from the button at right. Your chance to breed for a 2024 Superior Sweepstakes Winner is offered in Friday evening’s stallion service auction!